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JEM's diamond

A Man’s soul must be cut like a jewel, of which each facet celebrates eternal light.  "

Christian Bobin

In 2018, we open a new chapter of our story and launch our first diamond, JEM’s diamond. An ethical and pioneer diamond, made in a laboratory.

Also called synthetic diamond, it brings together the best of nature and science. Discover all of its magic and uniqueness, in a variation of our iconic Octogone collection, at our Parisian shop, 10 Rue d’Alger, Paris 1er.


Diamond's beauty

This immutable stone of unique hardness and purity, of unrivaled brightness and clarity, seems to be penetrated by a light of eternity.
Like this mythical and eternal diamond, our will to keep writing an infinite poetry lingers. Diamond is an endless source of inspiration… 

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JEM’s difference

An ethical and pioneer diamond, made in a laboratory, that respects Men and nature and is completely traceable.
A new generation of diamond, that invents a new shine.
A diamond with a soul, truly eternal. 

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Lab-grown diamonds

Just like naturally formed diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are created through a natural phenomenon: carbon crystallization. Only the place and cause of this phenomenon are different. Natural diamonds are formed several kilometers under the surface of the Earth and require to be extracted, oftentimes leading to the most dramatic consequences for Men and nature. Lab-grown diamonds form at the surface of the Earth, in controlled social and environmental conditions.

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